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  1. Nikolaj Hornykewycz

    Help where you can, however you can, wherever you are. I think this is our obligation as Christians here and now. We have had many waves of many more refugees in the past and managed quite well. We actually profited. Personally, I think the multi-national corporations should carry the financial load. After all, their tax evasion systems cost the EU about 1000 billion Euros per year. Enough for a staggering 100 million refugees! Beyond that the challenge is mastering the great cultural abyss between the refugees of Muslim background now and Europe. In the past, this has not been such a problem, because most refugees in Europe were from somewhere else in Europe with the more or less same Christian cultural heritage. Not so now. We cannot close our eyes to the inherent dangers. At the same time, it could also be a great enrichment and a chance for deeper peace.

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